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Cannabis Blast since 1989, committed to bringing you green products that are effective and safer for people, pets, plants, and the environment. We are committed to biodegradable green products and business practices to provide everyday solutions working to improve the environment we all share and live in. Cannabis Blast, harnessing the power of nature to bring us all safer, greener world.

Cannabis Blast supports organizations dedicated to conserving our shared environment and preventing climate change. Leave us a product comment and include your favorite group, we’ll add them to our list for possible product or fiscal support.

Our ready to use, environmental friendly, FIFRA 25b cannabis pest control products comply with EPA requirements and are used across the country by exterminators, growers and pest control professionals.

Our insect monitors help you effectively manage pest control costs and choices by targeting the pests you have, not over-treating for pests you don’t have. Our pest control solutions give you safe, common sense alternatives to petroleum and phosphate- based pesticides and harsh chemical agents that contaminate the environment while putting you and your plants at risk. And, many of those chemicals are not just toxic but can also contribute to allergies, asthma and a host of health issues.

Our cannabis pest solutions use enzymes – nature’s own technology – to make products that work as well or better than many of the chemical laden, toxic choices on store shelves today. Enzymes are part of the sustainable environment and are present in all biological systems from yogurt to human biology. They come from nature and when they have done their work the amino acids of which they’re made are readily and safely absorbed back into the natural environment.

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The staff is very responsive and knowledgeable. Great products and great customer service!

Robert Rawland

Worth every penny! Cannabis Blast really works!

Kelly Shaw

By far the best insecticide I’ve used! I would highly recommend Cannabis Blast to anyone in the growing business.

Susan Hawkins

I will never use another pest control solution again! Cannabis Blast is truly incredible.

Gary Smith

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